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I’ve moved! Here’s how to find my new blog.

I have stopped using this blog and moved somewhere else!  Come visit me on my new blog! My reasons for moving…  I started elusive healing about 2 years ago as a way to begin processing all the big changes in my life wrought … Continue reading

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Spoonie Film Club/Movie Night

Spoonie film club is a weekly virtual get together for spoonies, where we watch movies and tv shows together online through  Some of the movies feature complex representations of illness and disability, and some movies and are simply fun … Continue reading

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Problems with the trigger warning debate //on being triggered// ableist attitudes about mental health in activist movements

Trigger Warning: explicit mentions of sexual assault, suicide, addiction, domestic violence & other potentially triggering content Trigger Warning specifically for cousins and aunts on my mom’s side: If you are reading this, you might not want to read the middle section … Continue reading

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Response to condemnations of gluten free ‘fad’ part two

  Continued…. Unfortunately there still seems to be some confusion about this whole matter. I will try once again to explain it as clearly as I possibly can.  I genuinely do want you to get this.  That’s why I’m taking … Continue reading

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grieving & chronic illness (this is what it feels like)

I have moved this post to my new blog, as I no longer use this one, and apparently google penalizes you for duplicating content. Grieving & Chronic Illness (this is what it feels like) was my first attempt at expressing the grief that … Continue reading

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