Spoonie Film Club/Movie Night

Spoonie film club is a weekly virtual get together for spoonies, where we watch movies and tv shows together online through rabb.it.  Some of the movies feature complex representations of illness and disability, and some movies and are simply fun to watch with new spoonie friends because magic and escapism.  The aim in general is to connect with other spoonies, make friends, support each other, and also sometimes find movies or tv shows that enable us to think through our illness and struggles and triumphs with one another. There is also a chat bar alongside the view screen so that we can message each other while we watch.

movie night banner

Fabulous banner courtesy of @painandcats

More information including FAQ & how to join Spoonie Film Club can be found here.

Future updates & related posts including new schedules can be found here.



Update: My username has changed to colitiscoping on rabb.it — that’s how you can find me if you haven’t done so already 



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